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AGI Unleashed | AI Arms Race

This is already starting. Genie is out of the bottle.

The Age of AI has begun | Bill Gates

Bill Gates explains why AI is as revolutionary as personal computers, mobile phones, and the Internet, and he gives three principles for how to think about it.

Source: The Age of AI has begun | Bill Gates

Planning for AGI and beyond

Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence—AI systems that are generally smarter than humans—benefits all of humanity.If AGI is successfully created, this technology could help us elevate humanity by increasing abundance, turbocharging the global economy, and aiding in the discovery of new scientific knowledge that

Source: Planning for AGI and beyond

The “AI Having Nuclear Launch Codes” Debate Has Begun

Nick has a great chat about AI and weapons. Remember how scared the government was of Kevin Mitnick and that they thought that he could whistle the nuclear launch codes from the toy out of the Capt N Crunch cereal box? However, it’s OK for AI to possess such power.