Month: June 2022

Linux, Normal?

I like being unique and not crowded in the mainstream. Windows, Ubuntu, and Mint are such OSes that are. I’m wanting to move over to #Gentoo when I build my new system.

100 Days of HomeLab

I started mine a lil over a year ago. Nothing major but it’s mine. These guys do it the best. #100DaysOfHomeLab I happen to love homlabbing.

Is It Already too late?

Who knows who will be in power and or what laws will impact our freedoms. What will happen to our data? As a moto, I often say ‘encrypt as much as possible with the strongest ciphers as available.’

No Surprise to Anyone?

Everything and everyone is tracked. Our grandkids will not know of a world where this didn’t exist.

Brings Up Old Ghosts

This reminds me of the days of Phil Zimmerman and ‘PGP’. This was the time of crypto wars and export restrictions of strong encryption. RC4, RC4 Export.

What is the Essential Eight (And Why Non-Aussies Should Care)

In 2017, The Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) published a set of mitigation strategies that were designed to help organizations to protect themselves against cyber security incidents. These strategies, which became known as the Essential Eight, are designed specifically for use on Windows networks, although variations of these strategies are commonly applied to other platforms. What is

Source: What is the Essential Eight (And Why Non-Aussies Should Care)

Everyone Does This Not Just Google

Data is bought and sold to anyone for any reason even if you really don’t have one… This is the way of the world. We freely give this info away by using social media, the internet, and cell phones. Big Tech is like ‘It’s all for the taking.’

Linux does have Malware

Malware on Linux does exist and is prevalent.


Thanks… Microsoft is at it again. CVSS 7.3

High-Level Threats

Very interesting, especially the Equation Group and the Shadow Brokers.